I am a big believer in the power of the human body to heal itself. All you need to do is provide your body with the things it needs and let it do the rest.

First, you need to understand that we are energy. Because we are energy, we consist of vibration and frequency. As such, our body is constantly reacting to the frequencies presented to it daily. Everything we eat, see, hear, touch, and smell has frequency. The frequencies we meet daily can be high or low, good for bad, and these frequencies will affect our bodies through the manifestation of health or dis-ease.

I find that the #1 thing we must do is to hold good, positive, and productive thoughts. The top thoughts with the highest frequencies are love, joy, and peace, as an example. Low frequency thoughts are based in fear that is express as anger, anxiety and so forth. The higher the frequency that we participate in, the healthier we will be. Alternatively, the lower the frequencies that we are exposed to on a consistent bases will leave us dis-eased or sick. So, maintaining a positive attitude is paramount to good health.

I have been researching ways to cure sickness and disease for a long time. We were conditioned to believe that we needed doctors and pharmaceuticals to heal us. The FACT is doctors “practice” medicine and pharmaceutical are synthetic and at best mask systems while causing other issues, without exception! Our medical industry almost never gets to the of CAUSE of dis-ease.

By the grace of God, I was introduced to a life changing product that uses frequency to initiate the healing process in our body. God made us to be self-healing, but were never taught how. Most dis-ease can be traced back to frequency and that is why I am proud to introduce iTera Care’s Terahertz Wand. This device introduces the right frequencies into your body to initiate the healing process. Does it work? YES! I have experienced self-healing with this product and so have tens of thousands of others who have been using this “magic” wand. To find out more, please go to http://SelfHealingByFrequency.com. Fill out the form and you will be introduced to a product that could change your entire life! Do it now!

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